$2,500 USDC



Excited about joining the BlockChat Accelerator?

We’re thrilled to announce that applications for our Acceleration Program are open

The BlockChat Accelerator Program will run from May 13 2024 – June 13 2024 with the winning BlockSpace being announced on June 15, 2024.

Calling all Blockchain
Revolutionaries Project Founders Crypto Enthusiasts

Are you building the next groundbreaking project on the blockchain? At BlockChat, we don’t just invest in startups, we ignite them. We’re searching for passionate founders who live and breathe innovation. If you’re ready to challenge the ordinary and turn your idea into something extraordinary, then we want to hear from you. Join us and let’s change the world together.

When applying, consider what you hope to gain from BlockChat Accelerator—whether it’s challenging your business idea, receiving coaching and mentoring, or deepening your connections within the BlockChat Ecosystem.


Register for a BlockSpace

Opening a BlockSpace is the key to everything on BlockChat! This will be your projects new home, your community will grow here and your connections will be flourish. Please follow the link below to Apply for a BlockSpace. Once completed please complete Step Two.


Start a BlockChat outlining the below

  • Your executive summary should succinctly describe your business in 100-200 words, highlighting its essence, business model, and scaling potential.
  • Share your company’s “Why”—the purpose and reason behind its existence and behavior. Passion and a compelling mission are key.
  • Identify the current problems your project solves and provide details on your solution and its market impact.
  • Present a clear startup roadmap outlining your business launch and scaling strategies.
  • Be transparent about the specific business challenges your startup faces and how you plan to address them.
  • List the critical success factors necessary for your project’s success.
  • Define your target customers and markets to shape your Go-To-Market Strategy effectively.
  • Explain your chosen revenue model and its alignment with your unique idea
  • Highlight your founding team’s unique expertise and experience, emphasizing how it contributes to your business’s success.
  • Provide insight into your current team setup, including the number of full-time members.
  • Share to your BlockSpace submission to X and your community for maximum exposure, be sure to tag @blockchatdao in your post
  • Join our telegram for updates


  • RMentoring sessions with marketing, blockchain and web3 experts
  • RUp to $2,500 USD in initial funding for the winner of this challenge
  • RFive percent equity and/or tokens
  • R$10,000 USD credit allocated for acceleration services
  • RAccess to a network of experts and mentors
  • ROngoing support to raise more capital



As we grow our ecosystem we are partnering with some of the best in the world. Below are the partners that work with us to make BlockChat truly unique.

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